Cleaning and Storing Cast Iron Cookware

6th Apr 2016

Cleaning and storing cast iron cookware requires a different approach than other cookware materials as it has a seasoned surface that you want to protect. To clean simply add hot water and bring to a boil, then pour out the water and wipe dry with a paper towel. If food sticks to the surface, dislodge it by using a spoon. While still warm from washing, apply a fine coating of oil or spray on all surfaces.

Cast iron Don'ts:

Don't use detergent or soaps to clean as these will remove the seasoning

Don't put hot cast iron in cold water as it will warp or crack

Don't use any abrasive item to scrub cast iron as this can cut into the seasoned surface

Store cast iron cookware in a cool dry place and if storing with a lid, place a paper towel between the lid and base to allow circulation of air.